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I was on NatureThroid, then WP Thyroid, then NP Thyroid and finally Armour Thyroid. All the changes were due to recalls and shortages. Of all the ND thyroid treatments, Armour did me the most good. It definitely helped in the FT4 and TSH departments, but spiked my FT3 too high and I felt "jittery". The thing about the ND thyroid treatments is that you cannot control individual doses of T4/T3 and customize to fit your specific needs. You get what you get...and that's what you get.

I'm doing better on Levothyroxine (generic Synthroid) and Liothyronine (generic Cytomel). #Hashimotos
What’s ur dosages of T4 and T3 now that u can control each individually?


I just did my blood work and my numbers are similar to yours. I've been thinking on taking armour thyroid to optimize my thyroid but after reading the experiences of some people here and in other places I rather not. I also have low Iodine so I will focus on increasing that. I don't have any of the symptoms so what would the point be? Is there any other test I should take other that the Thyroid tests to see if my not optimal thyroid is messing with something else? Somebody mentioned Cortisol saliva test. Anything else?


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No way in hell would I advise it. It has been almost 9 days and I’m still not back to normal due to the long half life of T4. That will be a one time shot for me. Never again will I ever try any thyroid medication. Honestly I should have known better because I don’t have hardly anything resembling hypothyroidism.

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