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What is something that almost nobody knows about testosterone?
There are several things that your doctor may fail to tell you when you start testosterone replacement therapy (TRT): 1- TRT decreases your sperm count. 2- TRT may increase your blood viscosity (hematocrit). Some doctors want to stop your TRT when this happens, but this side effect can be managed easily

I keep drawing small amounts of blood when doing my TRT injection in my glute. 3 times last week but like every week. What am I doing wrong?
You are probably using a long needle and injecting deeply into the muscle. During recent years, the TRT field has learned that more shallow injections using 1/2 inch needles with gauges around 25 to 27 are good enough to provide adequate testosterone blood levels. Many doctors now support the use of

How does testosterone stop bone growth?
Testosterone does not stop bone growth in adults. Normalizing testosterone in people who have lower than normal levels has dramatic benefits, among which are increased sexual desire, lean body mass, bone density, strength, mood, motivation, mental focus, and stamina. 0.4% of testosterone aromatizes

Is the EverlyWell At-Home Testosterone Test legit? How well does it work?
Testosterone home test kits may not be as accurate as regular blood tests done in a lab, specially those tests using liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry (LC/MS). Those kits usually employ an immunoassay that may not be accurate for low or high testosterone blood levels. Additionally, the shipping

Are testosterone booster supplements legitimate, and are they genuinely effective?
A recent study looks at the five most popular testosterone boosters on planet Amazon. What they discover will definitely shock you. And on a side note, if you’re using one of these products, I’ve got some beautiful Florida swampland for sale. We all know that testosterone levels decline with age, mak

I think I have low testosterone because I'm overweight. I have experienced hair loss, but I have never been tested before. I'm thinking about getting tested and going on TRT. Should I do that?
Getting your testosterone blood level (Total and free unbound testosterone) is actually easy in the United States using direct-to-consumer companies that also provide a doctor’s prescription. The lowest priced testosterone lab test is currently provided by They are different type

Can someone return natural testosterone production to pre-cycle levels after years of steroid abuse?
It may take months for normalization to pre-cycle (baseline) levels of testosterone and sperm production after a cycle of anabolic steroids or testosterone. There are several small studies that point to that period being at least 6 months for some men, although some never reach baseline levels. Fact

Is testosterone bad for your liver?
From my book: Testosterone: A Man’s Guide. Contrary to what some physicians may think, injectable and transdermal testosterone have not been known to cause increased liver enzymes. The same cannot be said for over-the-counter supplements that claim to increase testosterone or growth hormone. Not only

How do I identify the best injection site for testosterone in the quadriceps area?
Most men in the U.S. are moving away from injecting in the quadriceps area since it is the most troublesome one when it comes to bleeding and pain. Many doctors are now recommending injecting testosterone under the skin in the abdominal area (subcutaneously) or at 90 degrees on deltoids or even quad

Is there a way to boost my testosterone without effecting my prostate?
The fears about testosterone causing prostate cancer have been shown to be unfounded by several large cohorts. I have summarized studies in this article: Does Testosterone Cause Prostate Cancer? Can Men Treated for Prostate Cancer Use TRT? I hope this answers your concern. Regards, Nelson Vergel Founder E

How can GNC sell “testosterone boosters” if there isn’t any proven science to back them up?
Yes, they can. Structure or function claims are not reviewed by the FDA. In fact, labels that carry them must also include the disclaimer “This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.” There a

Do testosterone levels decrease in males?
A study done by Dr. Travison and his team at the New England Research Institute published on the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (2007;92:196-202) with over 1,500 men that were part of the Massachusetts Male Aging Study indicated that “recent years have seen a substantial, and as ye

If you have health insurance will that cover testosterone replacement therapy?
Most insurance companies cover TRT but your doctor has to justify it only if you have less than 350 ng/dL (or less depending on the insurance company) of total testosterone in your blood. If you have more than 350 ng/dL and your doctor still suggests testosterone due to your symptoms (assuming your

Can I check my testosterone blood levels without seeing a doctor?
Getting a blood test through the current managed care medical system is unnecessarily difficult these days. Most people end up having long discussions with their healthcare providers who might think that the tests are unnecessary. Even if doctors prescribe certain blood tests, some insurance companies

How long does recovery of natural testosterone take after a 12 week steroid cycle plus PCT?
It depends on age, testosterone blood level before you started the cycle, and the quality of PCT (no optimum program has been published compared to others). For more information, click here: Getting Off Testosterone or Anabolics? You May Want to Read this HPTA protocol Recovery of sperm production following

How to Increase Your Testosterone Naturally
There are several lifestyle, nutritional and other factors that can increase testosterone production by testicles in men. The degree of this increase has not been clearly quantified, but there is evidence that the following can help. Some men may require

Does the androstenone in celery actually cause a spike in testosterone?
We only have data from rats: The effects of celery leave extract on male hormones in rats Journal of HerbMed Pharmacology, 01 April 2015, Vol.4(2), pp.56-60 “Conclusion: The result of the present study shows that in the administered dose, celery extract does not have any considerable side effect on the

What advice can you give to someone taking testosterone replacement therapy?
I tell them to save this table and make sure they look at their blood work every few months to make sure this applies. Some doctors do not know how to monitor blood test values. Testosterone Replacement Blood Test Targets and Their Management

What happens when you bleed after a hypogonadism TRT shot? Do you lose some of the testosterone? I did aspirate, and no blood came in the needle.
We had someone ask that question on Testosterone and Men’s Health Forum - ExcelMale Does bleeding after injection could waste testosterone? Most men no longer aspirate since we are using smaller syringes for twice per week injections (27 gauge 1/2 inch) How to Inject Testosterone Intramuscularly, Shall

How long does it take to get natural test levels back to normal after a cycle of 10 weeks of testosterone enanthate & Primobolan Depot?
Some small case reports have shown that it may take as long as you were on the anabolics. In your case, at least 10 weeks. Some bodyduilders think that using HCC and clomiphene (post-cycle therapy or PCT) after a cycle may accelerate the recovery of one’s baseline testosterone, but not a single stud

What are the risks of testosterone therapy?
I summarized all potential testosterone side effects in this table and what to do about them. Testosterone Side Effect Management Table - Testosterone Wisdom Nelson Vergel

What options for self administering testosterone are available for a transgender man that is completely blind from birth?
If I was a blind trans man, I would use a compounded testosterone cream. They are a lot more concentrated than the commercially available gels (Androgel, Testim, Axiron, Fortesta, etc). They are also cheap at $40 per month if your insurance does not want to pay. Many doctors who treat FTMs use compo

Can having IBS-C cause low testosterone?
IBS has been linked to erectile dysfunction: Irritable Bowel Syndrome Is Associated With Erectile Dysfunction Testosterone may protect against IBS: Does testosterone protect from irritable bowel syndrome? Get you T level checked cheaply here to make sure your total testosterone is over 350 ng/dL: TESTOST

How can a 17-year-old increase his testosterone?
You are very young, so I would not start any testosterone treatment before trying to increase T levels naturally. Here are a few ways to do so: How to Increase Testosterone Naturally If those options don’t work, have your doctor check for genetic reasons for your low testosterone. Klinefelter’s and Ka

What kind of daily tasks can increase testosterone?
Things you can do daily to maintain healthy testosterone: 1- Sleep 7–8 hours 2- Do not read your cell phone or laptop in bed. The light affects sleep quality. 3- Exercise (walk etc) for 30 minutes 4- Do not consume foods from plastic bottles or containers. 5- Take a multivitamin and at least 2000 IU of v

What should we do to increase testosterone hormones in our body?
There are several life style, nutritional and other factors that can increase testosterone production by testicles in men. The degree of this increase has not been clearly quantified, but there is evidence that the following can help. Some men may require additional testosterone replacement therapy

Can natural testosterone production start after 6 months of testosterone replacement therapy?
I am assuming you are asking about how long your own body’s testosterone production goes back to baseline after you stop using testosterone. This is age, dose and exposure time dependent. Most men’s T and sperm count return to baseline after 6 months. But some older men or young men exposed to longer

Is TRT safe?
Yes, TRT is safe as long as you do not use large doses for a long time and your doctor monitors these variables: Search results for: 'blog post testosterone replacement therapy target blood test limits'

Is all of this whining butt hurt in our country due to high estrogen and low testosterone? Should we replace SSRI's with AI's?
Believe it or not, estradiol enhances the mood effect of testosterone. AIs can decrease estradiol too much if not properly dosed. Here is a good review: The role of estradiol in male reproduction, libido and erectile function

What is the best recommendation regarding the use of testosterone supplements?
Most testosterone boosters are not effective and contain most arginine, citrulline and fillers. The FDA has made the ones that used to work illegal. You can read more here: Do Testosterone Boosters Work?
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