The 10 Health Conditions that Marijuana Benefits the Most

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"A bipartisan bill -- from Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, Cory Booker, D-New Jersey, and Kirsten Gillibrand, D-New York -- called the Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect States Act of 2015 was introduced in the Senate in March that would ease some of those restrictions and make it easier to study the drug. But the legislation is in committee at the moment. If it does ever pass, and scientists can begin studying the drug in earnest, there are several areas they may target in addition to PTSD.
Here are 10 of them, based on the ailments people commonly use medical marijuana to treat. Again, because there is such limited research on this topic, these areas are based on results that CNN would typically not report on because the work is in a far too early stage to see if it really works. But that is the point some doctors and medical researchers are making."
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It is unfortunate that the stigma and mythology surround marijuana has delayed its acceptance as a good medicine. Cannabis is neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, and has all kinds of positive benefits with very low risk. In fact, the risk is associated with smoking cannabis, but there are other ways to consume it other than smoking. It amazes me that it remains a schedule 1 drug, yet I can complain to my doctor of back pain and easily receive an Rx for opiate medication. By keeping it a schedule 1 drug the pharmaceutical companies are guaranteed their monopoly on their legal drug dealing.

Imagine if cannabis is used to treat depression, anxiety, and pain instead of being prescribed SSRIs, benzodiazepines, or opioids? Patients would experience relief without the side effects and addictions associated with the pharmaceuticals.


I live in Washington state and we have had legal marijuana (for anybody over 21, not just for medical use) for over a year now, and when this new law was first past, all the naysayers predicted it would be the beginning of the apocalypse and now a year in, we have had next to no issues. And people can finally use marijuana for depression, anxiety, pain relief, you name it.

In fact the only "problem" we have had is that employers still drug test for marijuana and can fire you if you test positive. Now that it is legal, I have to ask WTH?
People will say and claim anything to make getting high more accepted. I've not yet met a stoner that I'd care to ever be around for any length of time. I do not support this.


Living SoCal medical marijuana is a joke. Being in LE for 30 years I have seen the ugly side of every addiction, including MJ. To this day I have yet to meet a succesful pot head, I know they exsist somewhere but the majority of potheads will never have anything more than a low earning pay check to pay check life.
Doubt me?
Go visit Denver and watch the zombies hanging out and tell me which one you would want for a son or daughter....MJ is a thief and steals a persons motivation.
Sad but true.


Without sounding argumentative and that is not my intent because this is not the forum for it but if you or someone wants to use MJ, have at it. To call people a naysayer by predicting problems and then say in a year nothing happened sounds naive. Until someone spends some time volunteering in a detox center or rehad or works in that enviroment which I did undercover as a cop for over 10 years, they dont know what they are talking about. Its called unintended consequences. Its only been a year or two for WA and CO but give it some time until the unemployment rate for certain age groups skyrocket, social welfare goes through the roof and the homeless population increases.
They can decriminalize laws all the want but you cant change human behavior.
One of my kids works for an airline and random drug tests all the time. Several people she knows of have been fired for dirty MJ tests. Now they are unemployed. Im sure they need MJ for depression, anxiety and the pain of losing your career now more than ever! Lol.
CO has in fact experienced problems with stoned driving which DUI laws apply to Alcohol, blood alcohol levels, so there's that "new" problem.
Nonetheless, I 100% believe it has a medicinal quality, a legit use. THe only argument that gives me any pause to consider my stance on it, which I'm extremely judgemental on rec drug use, is the comparison to alcohol, and that's where I kinda stop and say perhaps there's a point there.


The person who wrote some stuff removed their comments so my last one dosnt really make
I dont want to sound like a crusader because i really dont care what people do. Being in the enviroment I worked in for 30 years one cant help but form opinions about the abuse of recreational drug use and the ugly side of it. Unfortunatley most of society does not spend time in that world so they can only look at things through their own life experiences and form opinions that are sometimes naive or based on living in a bubble.


Very good information and just an FYI...I live in a state where Marijuana has been legal for over a year and overall drug crimes are down, state tax revenues from the sale of marijuana are substantial and there really has been no downside at all.


Mark Twain once said there are 3 kinds of lies, "lies, damn lies and statistics". Of course drug crimes are down, they decriminalize crimes, more crime. The wise voters of CA voted to reclassify crimes and release "non violent offenders" well a NVO is for the current incarceration offense, not the criminal history so tons of career criminals are being released and people wonder why crimes have skyrocketed, robberies, gun crimes, burglaries, thefts etc are out of control, but Im sure "drug crimes" are down because possesion of schedule 1 drugs are now infractions and misdemeanor at most.
Its called "unintended consequuences"....
I retired last year and moved away from the left coast......good luck to them! Lol


[Its only been a year or two for WA and CO but give it some time until the unemployment rate for certain age groups skyrocket, social welfare goes through the roof and the homeless population increases.]

Are the incarcerated counted as homeless?
I am 57 and 38 years ago weed was accepted even in the USMC as in don't ask don't tell so to speak and I was a don't tell at 18-19-20- and stopped because it took away my motivation ! I was ran over by a truck in 2002 and prescribed the strongest meds + opiates and Benzos on the market ! 2 years ago Memorial Day I stopped cold turkey , it was hell but life is real now and not a zombie ! My life was in way worse shape on legal scripts than it ever was smoking weed in mass amount daily for rec use ! I still can't break free of Benzos not that I even need them but my body requires them ! I have stopped my 6 mg of XANAX a day scripted to prevent the shakes and now take Clonopen and I didn't order timely from the VA and my blood pressure went to 278 over 58 and I got anxiety then ! ! ! !but my mind no longer needs or wants it ! The benzos have lowered my serotonin levels in my brain BBAC also ! So I am hooked for life and thanks to prescription meds and anyone can stop weed use anytime they choose ! Oh I do not smoke weed now either due to the lazy effect and the munchies :)


Hey buzzard its not people in your situation that legal or illegal weed conversation is even relevant because it sounds like you have had some bad breaks last couple years.
Majority of people nowadays vote or make decisions with zero knowledge or experience how the real world works. Its usually because someone with lots of money has an agenda...It would be like me telling a contractor how to build a house because i read how to do it or based on what i think is best because I think I know better even though I never built a house.....or better yet, being a jackass politition passing laws telling doctors how to treat patients....yeah, thats a better


Just came back from a vacation with the family to Colorado. WE were with my sons- in laws, and they are libs from NY, and of course suggested visiting a MJ shop. As an RN for over 45 years, and having spent the last 10 years of my career in public health, I have worked on and cared for many serious drug addicts. So I was surprised I agreed when my son bought a CBD salve for me (almost 0% THC) to experiment with on my joints . I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for about a dozen years, and the past year has been miserable as far as pain. So, I experimented the first night with applying salve to my Left sole, bottom of feet pain is fairly common in my disease group. The next morning I actually thought it felt better, so I tried applying to my Right sole, pain improved. I can say though it did not work on my bilat knee pain, that may be more related to a (low) E2 of about 14 pg/ml (15-35), today is the first day since I stopped my AI, 2 weeks ago that the knees stopped killing me.
Back to Marijuana, I have read some more,(since getting home this past week) and my reading indicates everyone is different on dosing and percent of CBD and also the need for a small amount of THC. I am seeing my Rheumatologist in a week, I have decided I will request a medical marijuana card, and trial some medical/non recreational topicals.
I am as surprised as anyone that I am being open minded about this,( I tried acupuncture last year) but my state has a medical marijuana dispensary within 20 miles. I am not interested in getting high, and am concerned about my concurrent use of LDN also, but the LDN forums seem to suggest no interaction between the 2 drugs. I want to keep my Dopamine receptors at a higher level where they are. I will report back in a few months if MJ is a reasonable natural drug to use with RA. I am kind of pessimistic, but will see if the drug can convince me to continue beyond a month or two.
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