Strange side effect? warm skin/hot flushes of Hcg and Tostran

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I have a question about a strange sideeffect of mine

I got secondary hypogonadism and ive tried some different Trt through the years here in Sweden. ...

And the Products doesnt seem to work for me...cause i get the same side effect of them all..Nebido,Tostran gel and now the latest i tried Hcg.

I get like a burning sensation..its like my skin is burning acctually..ive Heard women with hot flushes that felt the same.. the heart start to race and my body feels really stressed like a caffeine overdose from hell, mouth is very dry and the legs get restless...

Does anyone recognize this sideeffect? I dont want to stop with Trt cause i need it to function but the heathsensation is a big issue especially in summertime and my doctors dont have a clue cause they never Heard about it before. So i have to find a solution for this on my own strangely enough.

ive been on Trt 14 years now and im 36 years old
Regards/ Daniel
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HI Sweden guy

I have heard of guys feeling hot on TRT. However, the "hot flash" feeling you describe is more typical of men who have low T and/or high estradiol. High thyroid hormone can also cause this issue.

What are your total testosterone, free T3 and estradiol levels?

It is not rare to see guys remain hypogonadal even with treatment.

Also, are you taking any supplements?


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Thank u so much for the Quick reply.

The hotness and the speedy feeling i describe appeares everytime i increase the dosage of a t Product..and now latest when i tried hcg injections for the first time i had the worst reaction ever..( but the libido was great and also sexdrive)

Now im back on testo gel a really low dosage and i dont feel warm or stressed so thats good (BUT i also dont have any libido or sexual desire with this low dosage).. the "hot feeling" i never felt when im off trt ..only when im using a product

The latest bloodtest i did was 2 month ago and then i was on testo gel recommended maximum dosage, Calling the hospital tomorrow and have them send me the results so i can answer ur question ok?

Supplements...only zinc, D vitamins and some other vitamins


I was getting flushed on a regular basis for the last 5 years on trt especially if I had any alcohol. I also take thyroid hormone. The hot flashes and flushing sensation just stopped about a month ago. I have no clue why it stopped as I didn't change any lifestyle habits, diet, exercise, etc. Originally, I thought that it might be elevated hematocrit but I was still getting the hot flashes right after getting phlebotomized. I did however drop my arimidex from 1mg per week to 3/4 mg. I'm not sure but maybe that was the reason.


I use the Arimidex as an aromatase inhibitor to keep my estrogen low while taking testosterone cypianate. I guess the hot flashes are simply a change in hormone levels as they change more radically with exogenous hormones.


Swedenguy - I too felt like my skin was burning, it was really hot to the touch. Happened everytime, 1-3 days after my injection. I was off test for 10 months and now back and taking a significantly lower dose. I'm taking about 1/3rd the cypionate I was originally taking per week, and I'm not experiencing ANY of the terrible stuff I had on the higher dose. See, testosterone is the real deal, if you don't take it in the correct amount for your unique body chemistry, it can really F you up. These clinics and some of these doctors want to start guys on a high dose, and I just think we should start on a low dose for 30 days and see how you feel and do labs and adjust from there. I had hot skin, anxiety, Depression, zits....(all from the higher dose). All that is gone now and I feel great.


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Ah ok thanks Hammer. SO ur Estrogen levels are getting higher when ur on Trt or what? is it common to test the estrogen levels as well when u take the bloodtest?


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YES i agree
my body is very sensetive to caffeine, sugar, painkillers, sleepingpills..i dont need much to get a reaction
but the doctor has a standard dose and for me i Think HCG 1500 2 times a week is to much..cause i felt 2 speeded and crazy going to ask my doctor if i can inject it every 4 day instead...thats once a week.
Im glad u feel better now man on a lower dose..thats really nice to hear

In sweden we dont have so many specialist in this area of expertice so i hope he will understand

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