Strange/Scary/Humorous CALM Injection Story and Questions

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I wasn't sure which board to post this on, because it's related to an injectable supplement called CALM, a water based mix of four components like magnesium, etc, which Defy/Empower sell.

I had used a .5ml syringe to inject this supplement and it didn't have any effect. I needed to go up to 1ml and only had my old 23 gauge harpoon needles and syringes that were originally prescribes my first time around. The needle looked huge, but I confidently plunged it into my thigh. Then came the pain. I suddenly remembered what it was like to get a shot as a kid with those old-fashioned huge, blunt needles. Then a section of my quad felt like it was cramped. Then I had a prickly feeling in both my feet and forehead. Then that spread to my lower legs and arms. I was thinking how I might now be a believer in acupuncture, which turned to thoughts of having to call an ambulance.

It eventually subsided. I felt the opposite of CALM. I wonder if I injected too much towards the middle of my thigh, as in not enough to the side, but it was higher up toward my hip. I've done T injections in my thigh with a 30 gauge and felt absolutely nothing. Has anyone had this happen? I'm afraid to do this again now. I don't want to buy new needles just for 8 more injections. I now see this as a funny story, so I don't mind however you'd like to comment on it.
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Thanks. That's where my wife injected me the first few times I was injecting at home. It seems like it would be awkward to inject in this spot, which is why I've never done it on myself. The practice part makes me nervous. I suppose I could try with a small needle first. A 'painful' injection with a 30 gauge is just an annoyance compared to the big one.