Soliciting Your Questions for Upcoming Interview with Dr Rand McClain

Nelson Vergel

We are organizing an upcoming Google Hangout with Dr Rand McClain and want to ask you guys what interesting questions you would like to ask him that you seem to have difficulty getting an answer for. Something beyond basics, please. Here are two pics of him (in his bad ass movies in Argentina years ago and now).

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Dr. McClain earned his medical doctorate at Western University and completed his internship at the University of Southern California's Keck School of Medicine Residency Program (U.S.C. California Hospital) and has worked with some of the best and original innovators in Sports, Anti-Aging, Cosmetic and Family Medicine. Dr. McClain strives to provide those interested in optimizing health, life quality, function and performance with the very best science has to offer to these ends using the latest published research as well as knowledge gathered from the world's elite professional and amateur athletes and other men and women whose lives and professions depend on functioning and looking their very best. His philosophy is based on a commitment to producing results using concepts founded in science and proven in clinical practice. By sorting through and eliminating unsupported methods, techniques and fads, our mission is best achieved.


Research Assistant, California State University, Northridge, June 2001 – August 2003 Culled literature, collected and maintained data related to synthesis of dl-hexestrol and possible ligand creation for the treatment of osteoporosis in women with estrogen-sensitive cancers.


McClain, Randolph S., Traditional Chinese Medicine in the treatment of Epilepsy. Presented at the Epilepsy Foundation Conference in November 2002. McClain, Randolph S., Exercise and nutrition in the treatment of Epilepsy. Presented at the Epilepsy Foundation Conference in November 2002.


American Medical Association

American Osteopathic Association

American Society for Bariatric Physicians

American Society for Apheresis

Endocrine Society

American Academy of Family Physicians

California State Oriental Medicine Association

American Academy for the Advancement of Science

National Academy of Sports Medicine

National Sports Acupuncture Association

USA Weightlifting


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1. What is his suggested course of action for men with naturally low SHBG, but definitely feel the benefits of TRT? The problem being that though Total T is great, the Free T is off the charts but fluctuates greatly between doses, ie. Metabolizes the drug way faster than average?

2. What does he consider to be high prolactin levels? And at any point does he suggest cabergoline to combat?


I second the question on low SHBG. When I inject Test and HCG it feels like I am injecting water in terms of any felt benefit beyond my former low T state. All of the so called methods or explanations of how to work around low SHBG do nothing for many of us, so the question is, what if anything can be done?

Gene Devine

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There are one or two drugs that can increase SHBG but it's generally not recommended. SHBG is just one of those transport hormones that finds its own level. Smaller doses more frequently of testosterone can help but for some it's just how the body reacts on its own.


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What other options are available for TRT in the U.S. On top of Test Cyp? Is there any thing better approved by FDA. I am hearing that test decodedanoate is a longer ester and very convenient for infrequent injections.


The long esters (10-12 week supposed life) have not shown well on a few of the other TRT forums. They seem similar to pellets in that guys often feel good for the first 4-6 weeks and then typically fall too low for the last 6-8 weeks as the doctor is only allowed, or are only willing, to inject every 10 or 12 weeks. One guy has a doc that injects Nebido every 6 weeks and he likes it, but 90% of docs only inject it every 10 or 12 weeks.

State of the art TRT is Test Cyp 2 or more times weekly.


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Some people claim there is synergistic effect between testosterone and HGH, meaning the HGH benefits are amplified in the presence of high testosterone. Do we understand this mechanism? Is there sufficient evidence for this claim?



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DHEA, is there any benefits to supplementing with DHEA and what problems can be caused when supplementing with DHEA. If it is beneficial, what kind would the best to supplement with and why.


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Looking forward to the interview. Have watched all of the ask Dr. Rand videos on you tube. Great job bringing him on the show Nelson !

Nelson Vergel

In 30 minutes!

We are STOKED to have Dr Rand McClain on our next The Real Truth Men's Health Webcast Wednesday April 27th at 4PM PST.We'll be getting his thoughts on the state of TRT, HRT, estradiol management and emerging concepts in the field of anti-aging and longevity.
We ask you to leave your questions directly in the Hangout Links provided below or comment here.
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