Short Acting T Less Suppresive of FH, LSH


Here is the abstract:

A total of 8 studies reported the effect of T on FSH and LH in 793 hypogonadal men: 2 used long-acting injectables (enanthate or undecanoate) in a total of 16 men, 5 used intermediate-acting daily topical gels or patches in a total of 471 men, and 1 used short-acting intranasal T (125 μL/nostril, twice a day or three times a day) in 306 men. Long-acting injectables decreased FSH by 86.3%, intermediate-acting daily gels/patches decreased FSH by 60.2%, and short-acting intranasal gel decreased FSH by 37.8%. Long-acting injectables decreased LH by 71.8%, intermediate-acting daily gels/patches decreased LH by 59.2%, and short-acting intranasal gel decreased LH by 47.3%.

Our findings suggest that short-acting T preparations do not decrease serum FSH or LH to the same extent as longer-acting transdermal gels and injectables. However, further clinical trial data are necessary to determine whether the effect of short-acting TRT on gonadotropins translates into similar changes in semen parameters and fertility.

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