Senators ask Biden administration to loosen restrictions on testosterone access

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Thanks for your reply. In case it was accidental, here it is again in link form. If this gets deleted then I will have a more concrete answer :) . @Nelson Vergel can you determine how that post got deleted? Thanks for considering as the info can help me tailor my approach moving forward.

Amazing to me the responses I have got so far. Not too many traditional fervent T supporters seem to want to jump on the ship with the current captains. Everything hyperpolitical now. If testosterone gets unscheduled do we really care the justification at the time?
Not apples to apples but two older types of insulin can be purchased without a prescription. As one recent poster informed us; In Thailand no rx for testosterone. In the UK, Viagra brand(25 mg IIRC) available OTC. China seems not to put restrictions on buying raw powders(PDE-5, testosterone) within the country nor externally.

If T is no longer regulated, I would think(silly me)that we would have more choices and lower prices, a.k.a.-competition in a free market system. So many men either don't have insurance or can't find a doctor to treat their low T. Yes, this request to change the schedule on T is to help those in the Trans community. That's fine. The government, federal or state, have no business, except for civil rights protection, of getting involved in personal choices or personal management of sexual/gender health.

I recall on another forum, years ago, of a 45 y.o. man who'd been severely injured in a vehicle accident. His doctors didn't know why he was going downhill. He was losing muscle mass, had deep depression and vanishing sex drive. Doing his own research and ordering his own labs(DiscountedLabs I presume?), he discovered his T was quite low. He ordered UGL and started treating himself. Slowly he regained his health and sexual function. Eventually, he found a doctor in Oklahoma City and made the long trip to become his patient. If anyone who needs testosterone could purchase pharma grade instead of questionable UGL, that would be good.

Alcohol is the most abused drug but I wouldn't want to see the return of Prohibition. People can die from abusing aspirin. People still will pay $10 a pack for cigarettes and there are zero health benefits from smoking. My point; There will be people who abuse testosterone if it's OTC for anyone over 18. The FDA, most of us agree, is under the influence of Big Pharma. The DEA is another enforcement agency that has been impeding legalizing marijuana, psychedelics or decriminalizing all drugs. They'd put themselves out of business! If China,Thailand and Mexico trust their citizens or visitors, what's wrong with the 'Land of the free'? Let's not forget, injectable B12 is rx in the US. B12! WHY?
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