remote TRT wise doc needed (AZ + WI)


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trying defymedical, but can't get through phone or mail, they must be busy....not a good sign if you can't get an apt for 2 days
trtnation, no AZ listed
i found a local phoenix clinic, but they want you to come for shots - this is nonsense, I have no time for this, also traveling too much
any other ideas? i am traveling a lot, between AZ/WI, so i need to be able to get this delivered anywhere


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finally was able to reach defy. getting started on it. place seems solid. lady was very knowledgeable
I have been with Defy for 5 years. Always satisfied. At times you need to be a little pro active. For example, occasionally when I have reorder medications and not gotten mails within normal timeframes. A quick call to the office and the staff is quick to respond, correct, and is highly professional.


Be aware Defy is in the eastern standard time zone, so if you call at 2pm, it's 5pm for the staff at Defy. I never had an issue contacting Defy and just scheduled a consultation.

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