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I recently just finished taking a prescribed 1 Vial combo peptide that consisted of Sermorelin 15mg +GHRP6-6mg + GHRP2-20mg
Lyophilized. I am over 40 and have been on TRT for over a year and frequently have my labs drawn as needed to check for any adjustments. I had talked to my Doc about Peptide therapy because I wanted to increase my muscle mass and possibly put on some quality muscle. After submitting my lab work to my Doc, I was given the combo above which was a three month cycle at 5 units B.U.D. I paid $900 for this cycle. I finished this cycle about 1 month ago and didn't really notice any change except for extreme hunger, but I knew this because I was told that it would stimulate hunger. It seemed like that's all it did and boy did I eat a lot, but no noticeable gains. I weighed 187lbs before starting this cycle and still weigh 187lbs afterwards. I wonder if the dosage was to low to really notice any changes. Anyone with knowledgeable advice or reason for not seeing any muscle gains would be gladly appreciated.

Thanks. D
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I feel your pain as peptides have never worked for me, either. And I was following the dosing instructions to the letter. always take on an empty stomach, no eating for an hour afterwards, etc...

I think they are like almost everything else in that they work for some guys and do nothing at all for other guys.
The GHRP6 is where you get the hunger from by my research. I have used a couple of research chems and I'd suggest you look in to that before you hit that again for $900.

As mentioned, empty stomach, timing is crucial around carbs which will blunt the effect. You do not state how much you used and when, peptides are typically in the mcg dosing, not milligrams but micrograms. I'm still tinkering with the it 100mcg is a typical injection. If being used once per day at bedtime (suggested) I would bet that that's where you didn't get what you wanted out of it. Once daily is typically just an anti-aging therapy. If you want to get some muscle from your workouts, pre or post workout is ideal, you'll need to go to two if not three injections per day.

I've been quite pleased with CJC1295 w/o DAC + GHRP2, and a little less pleased with CJC + Ipamorelin. I've been using 100mcg 2x day of both.
Granted it's tied in to my TCyp therapy, but my lifts in the gym are getting heavier, my body weights is up, I'm more muscular than I've been in my life to be very honest and I've lifted weights recreationally for 20 years.

Did you ever get the carpal tunnel like symptoms...tingling in the extremities? This is the only aspect that bothers me a little bit.
You will not realize much benefit physically from peptides used for 3 months. The process by which peptides work which results in the accumulation and repair of tissues takes a long time to take effect. GHRH peptides must also be given enough time to ramp up the pituitary reserve of GH prior to the pituitary releasing it consistently. Then, on top of all this, you must consider your lifestyle and adjust it to maximize the benefit of optimizing GH through the use of peptides. For example, since IGF-1 competes with insulin it is important to follow a low glycemic diet (80% of the time at least) high protein diet. Getting enough sleep is also imperative as during sleep your body releases and utilizes GH. Hormones that become out of balance due to poor sleep and chronic stress can also blunt GH within different levels of the axis.

Nelson asked your current dosage which is important. Many doctors under-dose Sermorelin. Based upon studies done with HIV patients using GHRH (Sermorelin) and clinical observation, the best dosage currently prescribed is between 500mcg-1000mcg before bedtime. Up to 2000mcg can be administered.

GHRP-2 and GHRP-6 is NOT GHRH like Sermorelin. Rather, GHRP is an analogue of Ghrelin which is also known as the "hunger hormone". GHRP does not stimulate the production of growth hormone, but instead it tricks the body into thinking that its hungry so that the pituitary releases more stored GH. This is not a good thing to do long term, and there is evidence that GHRP can increase the risk of developing diabetes. In addition, releasing GH in a bell-curve manner is not natural nor is it good for you. You want a more rhythmic release which is In balance with other hormones , metabolism, and sleep. Using Sermorelin by itself at an effective dosage will be the better approach to maintaining optimal GH long term.

Gene Devine

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It took me 6 months at 500 units per night of Sermorelin before I saw any of the subjective results.

I year in and I am much leaner and packed on additional muscle mass...but I eat clean and train like a mad man.

I am now on a maintenance dose and really like what Sermorelin did for me; but you need at least a year to see and get the full effects.
Gene provided great feedback from a patient's perspective and highlighted the importance of diet/exercise. I personally also did not see physical changes until between 6-12 months. I did notice improved sleep and intense dreams soon after starting. I took 1000mcg daily for roughly 12 months, then 500mcg daily for a while, and now I maintain with 2-3 injections per week at 1000mcg. You wont see much literature on this yet, but Sermorelin can have an ongoing effect once levels are established within the pituitary. In one observational study we did at the pharmacy with Dr Walker, we took a physician who had been using 1000mcg of Sermorelin daily for a period of time and tracked his levels at baseline, and throughout treatment. IGF-1 remained elevated above baseline and within treatment range for 2 weeks after the last injection before starting to fall again. Once Sermorelin has optimized pituitary reserve of GH I assume the body can maintain while using up these reserves therefore the ongoing effect and why one can decrease injection frequency over time.

Not to be any more confusing, but we have recently learned that IGF-1 should not be the only test measured when using GHRH peptides. A double or triple specimen GH test will determine your response to the peptide by proving that your pituitary is responsive to GHRH and also showing the increase of GH from baseline after an injection.
I feel like disputing a little bit, having otherwise been steady with TCyp and no other supplements of that type or degree, I saw improvement in my muscularity in these ~8 weeks, more vascular and most notably Im getting some of the veins in my biceps that I've never, ever had. I love it. It's not sermorelin though, its 1295 w/o DAC plus GRHP 2 (Or Ipam) and I love this stuff. Twice per day 100mcg each. The carpal tunnel tingly fingers though is starting to be a pain in the ass.
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