Prostate massage/milking


@Vince @Seth so I’ll share my experience with you guys. I’ve never told anyone this, lol. My wife and I somehow heard about this and started talking about it and she was all about trying it on me. Not weird at all. It takes some warming up, because obviously it feels totally weird going up there. She wore a disposable glove, use some lube and slowly worked her way up there. You have to take it nice and easy and get warmed up so muscles loosen up down there. It helps to push like you’re going to poop as she pushes in. Once in (just a finger) she curls up the finger with the same come hither motion we use. While everything is soft up in there all the sudden you find a hard, small, walnut feeling thing. That’s the prostate gland. Then she LIGHTLY ever so slightly presses against it with that come hither motion, so light almost like your tickling it. How do you know you’re doing it right? It feels absolutely incredible. If you’re doing it right, it won’t be long before your ejaculate harder and larger than you’ve ever ejaculated in your life. I mean it literally feels like your cleaning our ages of Semen that was maybe just hanging around in there, like left over Semen lol. All of it just comes bursting out, without even touching your penis. It’s like an emergency eject button. Unbelievable. I didn’t know I could ejaculate without any stimulation to the penis. Right after you cum without touching it, then follow up immediately with her jerking it off. You will feel like you’re cumpletely emptied out. Best part is the feeling last for days. That “empty” feeling. You just feel satisfied, like you got your tubes cleaned out. You’ve gotta try it, if anything all in the name of science. You owe it to your body. That’s why it carries health benefits, IMO I think clearing out the system may positively impact the prostate.
Wow! That sounds amazing!