Pregnenolone and Libido

Smokin Joe

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Just wanted to share that after two weeks of adding Pregnenolone to my TRT I have had a notable increase in desire and sex drive.
I started out with 30mg a day in the morning but backed it down to 15 mg where I seem to feel better.
Also noticed erectile quality better.
Don't know how long this will last but Ill take it.
Wanted to ask if I should add DHEA or will Pregnenolone convert...
My DHEA is either low or borderline low with or without Testosterone.
I would retest DHEA now that you're using Preg as it can convert downstream though adding 25mg of DHEA shouldn't take you off the charts high in that regard. Select a capsule of micronized DHEA 25mg...the micronized seems to work the best.


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i take both dhea and preg in the same pill and it works for me.

if you take it at night you should sleep better and have some crazy vivid dreams.

Smokin Joe

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Superman what brand of combined Preg and DHEA do you use...
I have had trouble tolerating DHEA before so a small dose would be good-10 to 15 mg starting I think,
I could not have imagined that Preneolone would bump my drive like it has.
Primarily mornings into mid-day so I cant wait for the weekend :)


Smokin Joe - You asked if DHEA is needed if you're taking Preg, since Preg is upstream from DHEA. In another thread, a couple guys recommending taking DHEA over Preg if you were only going to take one. I'm taking 25mg, at night of ultra micronized DHEA from It really takes away my anxiety. I have only used it for 1 week, but it makes me tired, yet several guys will take it in the AM with outstanding results. My penis seems to feel thicker (but it is not), and a little more sensitive. Yet morning erections, this past week haven't been as hard. I try not to judge for at least 30 days and some blood work. Does anyone have an opinion on whether it's better to take Preg or DHEA, if you're only taking one.

Smokin Joe

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James that is interesting.
I am going to try a low dose DHEA as I have tried it before at 25 mg and it makes me moody.
I also have tried the Pregnenolone cream and do not like it. It also makes me moody.
Pregnenolone capsules at 15-20 mg are just right.
It is good to experiment to find out what and how much is right for you.
My next addition will be to try HCG again at a very low dose and hopefully work up to a therapeutic level.
I have been back on T for 2 months and my nut sack has already drawn up.
If I can't do the HCG then I don't know what my TRT future will be.


I think that sounds like a good approach. Always start low. That was the #1 mistake I made with TRT...starting with to high a dose. I've extremely lucky that I don't take HCG and have had no atrophy.


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