Positive first impression with PT-141

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Have struggled with libido and ED despite a well tuned TRT regimen. Injected 1.5 mg of PT-141 at 5:30 PM today. The script says 1-2mg, so I went right down the middle. It took forever to work, probably 4-5 hours (script said 45 minutes) but it gave incredible and lasting erections with the urge to finish the job. No real side effects although I can understand why people report nausea. It didn’t create nausea at first but in the act with HR up I felt a bit dizzy and like I had a lump in my throat. Had Zolfran standing by all even and never needed it.

I have had mixed results with PDE5s, they’ve gotten less effective over the years and seem to fill up the right places with blood but there is no sensitivity - this med gave me spontaneous erections and the desire to finish to make them go away. I am only 35 so this is a great improvement!
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It seems strange to have ED at such a young age. And especially since your TRT should resolve any issue from hormone standpoint. Did any doctor give you a diagnosis or cause of the symptoms?
It seems strange to have ED at such a young age. And especially since your TRT should resolve any issue from hormone standpoint. Did any doctor give you a diagnosis or cause of the symptoms?
I have a pituitary tumor or cyst. Prior to TRT my T levels were in the low 100s. I've also had to replace thyroid as well. These treatment plans have been life changing for me but ED and libido has been a struggle throughout.


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This is what I need to try next, I have issues with libido all my life although I am doing good currently with my trt protocol and cialis yet libido not the best I barely have some.

And I always don’t finish the job !
Update here - I can't seem to take PT-141 anymore. The last few times I took it, I became extremely nauseated and ended up vomiting (that does wonders for the moment).

That said, here is my question:

What does this drug actually do in my body? I ask this because this is the ONLY drug I take that gives me an erection. It doesn't really affect libido as its indicated for, but it makes that region physically "come alive". Last time I took it, I had an erection the entire dinner while distracted before getting home.

Example: recently, instead of PT-141, I popped 20mg of vardenafil, waited an hour, tried for sex, and was able to ejaculate but never got hard enough to penetrate.

As mentioned above, I am a young guy, 35. TRT has done wonders for my physique, my mood, and my personality, but it has not really done anything for sexual performance, despite my tweaks. PT-141 was a miracle, but now it makes me so sick I feel like I have a stomach bug.

PDE5is at max dosages do nothing for me. Hormones have done nothing for me.

What does PT-141 do in my body that triggers this? I know it has something to do with melanocortin, but what is that, how does it affect sexual performance and why does my body's production or metabolism of this suck? Is this because of my pituitary cyst/tumor?


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I find that you don't need half the dose the script says. I have never used the full prescribed dose or needed it. It always works for me no matter how small the dose. It also helps to find something to do for a half hour after injecting instead of sitting and thinking how bad it makes you feel.


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I think maca root powder from micro ingredients is helping me in libido been taking it for 4 days now. I would still give wit more time to confirm if this is true or not.
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