Polyunsaturated fat may slow type 2 diabetes progression

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“The findings suggest that increasing dietary intake of polyunsaturated fats may have a beneficial effect for patients with a certain type of prediabetes but also illuminates why certain dietary changes may have no effect on progression of type 2 diabetes in the other subtype,” Nicola Guess, MPH, PhD, of the division of diabetes and nutritional sciences at King's College London, said in a press release. “We intend to build on this work with larger studies and, ultimately, test this idea in a randomized trial.”
Guess and colleagues evaluated 15 normoglycemic controls, 14 athletes, 23 people with obesity, 10 with prediabetes and 11 with type 2 diabetes to determine the effect of dietary fatty acid intake on fasting and 2-hour plasma glucose concentrations.
Researchers performed oral glucose tolerance test and hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic clamp on all participants.

Positive associations were found between fasting plasma glucose and saturated fat (P = .004) and trans fat (P = .045). Negative associations were found between percent suppression of hepatic glucose production and saturated fat (P = .032) and trans fat (P = .06). No link was found between polyunsaturated fat and FPG or percent suppression of hepatic glucose production.

Two-hour plasma glucose was positively associated with saturated fat (P = .005) and trans fat (P = .001). Clamp glucose rate of disappearance was negatively associated with saturated fat (P = .039) and trans fat (P = .001). Polyunsaturated fat was negatively linked to 2-hour plasma glucose (P = .021) and positively linked to clamp glucose rate of disappearance (P = .081).

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