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Nelson Vergel


My friend Dr. Luis Casavantes in Mexico is quickly becoming the leader in penis girth augmentation. He uses injections of PMMA (polymethyl-methacrylate) fillers containing about 20 percent tiny PMMA microspheres suspended in 80 percent of purified collagen gel. A few months after it is injected, the collagen gel breaks down, and your body produces its natural collagen to fill out the space under the skin.

For more information visit: Home - Avanti Derma
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Tom Larabee

Interesting concept and I can see its advantages. Wondering if anyone has really done this or its all just marketing to get at the male ego.
i wonder how or if this might apply to transmen someday.. most of the guys i know have to travel far and have many surgeries and very very expensive.
interesting i can share with some guys that might be interested..although Kaiser seems to be taking over here in the bay area and are now covering alot of surgery's.. but that is for the folks that are fortunate to have kaiser. not everyone for sure.


New Member
Holy Jeez, PMMA is the bone cement we use in the operating room. That is how we cement a total knee into someone that is osteopenic. Gives new meaning to the term "Hard On"
I don't agree with it. Just another guy that is hitting on the Achilles heel men have. "Does not represent significant risks or side effects" Really? You are sticking a needle into your Johnson and putting a foreign substance (cement) in there.

Nelson Vergel

PMMA is currently used as a facial filler in the United States.

Here is some more information from

Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)

PMMA has been used for many years in reconstructive medicine as a bone bonding agent because of its unique ability to form a lattice structure which encourages infiltration by osteoblasts (cells that arise from fibroblasts and which, as they mature, are associated with the production of bone) if placed in bone. In skin, PMMA also promotes fibroblast and vascular infiltration of the soft tissues it is implanted in leading to a high safety profile vis-a-vis non-vascular implants such as acrylamide gels and silicone oil. Most of the volume gained from PMMA filler is the body’s own tissues and blood vessels growing into the PMMA. And as the PMMA matrix does not dissolve like Radiesse (calcium hydroxylapitate or Sculptra L-polylactic acid, the implant is considered permanent.

PMMA is available in the United States under the trade name of Artefill ( This formulation was developed and approved after many years of clinical trials by Dr. Gottfried Lamperle, but for one indication only; filling the deep folds next to the nose called the nasio-labial fold. Unlike Sculptra and Radiesse, this product is not FDA approved for HIV-related facial lipoatrophy. The single reported complication appearing in clinical trial results of ArteFill® and its predecessor products have been a small number of tiny palpable granulomas. The clinical experience suggests that granulomas with PMMA tend to develop in thin skin areas or when the product is dermally injected in a too shallow fashion. These granulomas often respond to treatment with Kenalog 40, a powerful glucocorticod. As ArteFill® was developed and purified over several generations from the original Atreplast, the appearance of granulomas have decreased dramatically. We also have noted from the clinical experience that NewPlastic® does not seem to produce granuloma formation when grafted sub-facially in the Nacul/Casavantes technique discussed in detail below.

ArteFill® costs medical providers $2,100.00 per 1.2 ml prepackaged in a box of 2 syringes containing 0.8 and 0.4 ml of product. This kit and the professional services of the provider are often sold to the patient for $3,500 to $4,000, thus making it impractical, as a corrective for large volume tissue loss. At a cost to the patient of $3,500 for the treatment, the per ml price comes to $2,917. Common in the faces of people with HIV tissue loss, are deficits which can require from 30 ml to 40 ml of filler. A face requiring 30 to 40 ml of Arte-Fill® would cost from $87,510 to $116,680. This calculation leaves aside the issue of the labor involved in administering the contents of 35 kits with 70 small syringes necessary for such a procedure.

The only reported problem with PMMA in the trials was the development of granulomas in thin skin areas; a concern of some significance to HIV positive men and especially women suffering with the depletion of fat in the skin. Many patients are attracted to PMMA because of its permanence and lack of ‘touch-ups’ necessary with the temporary or long lasting implants. Some patients also report small bumps that may be smoothed out by follow-up work.
Brazilian esthetic medicine doctors and dermatologists have been using PMMA as a treatment for HIV associated soft tissue wasting for the better part of a decade, virtually from the start of the identification of lipodystrophy syndrome.


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Nelson, Thank you for the info. Great research. Do you know anyone that has had it and have they said it was worth it? What is the cost for the clinic in Mexico?
I wonder what it would take to learn to administer the procedure from my office. If enough guys wanted it done I would consider it. Already Level IV Certified for cosmetic fillers and BOTOX.

I have been thinking of getting trained up in the "P Shot", and its sister procedure, the "O Shot". An old buddy is a trainer for same.

Nelson Vergel

Penile lengthening and widening without grafting according to a modified sliding technique - Abstract

To present the feasibility and safety of penile length and girth restoration based on a modified "sliding technique" for patients suffering from severe ED, significant penile shortening with or without Peyronie's disease.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: Between January 2013 and January 2014, 143 patients underwent our modified "sliding technique" for penile length and girth restoration and concomitant penile prosthesis implantation. It is based on three key elements: 1) the sliding maneuver for penile length restoration, 2) potential complementary longitudinal ventral and/or dorsal tunical incisions for girth restoration, and 3) closure of the newly created rectangular bow-shaped tunical defects with Buck's fascia only.

143 patients underwent the procedure. The etiologies of penile shortening and narrowing were PD in 53.8%, severe ED with unsuccessful intracavernosal injection therapy in 21%, post-radical prostatectomy 14.7%, androgen deprivation therapy, with or without brachytherapy or external radiotherapy, for prostate cancer in 7%, post-penile fracture in 2.1%, post-redo-hypospadias repair 0.7%, and post-priapism in 0.7%. In cases of ED and PD, the mean deviation of the penile axis was 45° (range, 0-100°). The mean subjective penile shortening reported by patients was 3.4 cm (range, 1-7 cm), and shaft constriction was present in 53.8%. Malleable penile prostheses were used in 133 patients and inflatable penile prostheses were inserted in 10 patients. The median follow-up was 9.7 months (range, 6-18 months). The mean penile length gain was 3.1 cm (range, 2-7 cm). No penile prosthesis infection caused device explantation. The average IIEF score increased from 24 points at baseline to 60 points at the six-month follow-up.

CONCLUSION: Penile length and girth restoration based on our modified "sliding technique" is a safe and effective procedure. The elimination of grafting saves operative time and consequently, decreases infection risk and costs associated with surgery.

Written by:
Egydio PH, Kuehhas FE.
Centre for Peyronie's Disease Reconstruction, Sao Paulo, Brazil.


New Member

I was wondering if your two friends are still happy with their results now, over a year later?
Have the girth gains remained?
Any change in sensation and functionality?

Nelson Vergel


I talked to one of them and he said the first two months were not but now he is happy with how thick it is and how much better it "hangs and shows". He said his erections are the same.

Warning: You have to have a big head otherwise it will look like a corn dog :)


New Member

I talked to one of them and he said the first two months were not but now he is happy with how thick it is and how much better it "hangs and shows". He said his erections are the same.

Warning: You have to have a big head otherwise it will look like a corn dog :)

LOL I guess it depends on how much batter you put on the wiener. :D
Concerning your friends Nelson, I'm assuming this has been done outside the country. It is hard following where these procedures are reliably and safely done.
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