PDF on BPC 157, Thymosin Beta 4 (TB 500) Thymosin Alpha 1 + More (Lyme related)


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Hey guys,

Just dropping this link below to a pdf that has great information on these peptides, specifically on how it's used to treat Lyme / immune dysfunction explaining the mechanisms on how these peptides work, and other science.

I love the info on Thymosin Alpha 1, did a short run of it and noticed it helped my tolerance for dairy and other food allergies. I didn't do this long enough to continue but I keep it incase my family catches covid again. Suppose to help your body recognize virus better

Kent Holtorf's PDF
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I've used Thymosin Alpha 1. It substantially increases my lymphocyte count. I haven't noticed it "lowering inflammation" - it seemed to exacerbate my allergy to pollen this past Spring.

Regarding the Russian "nootropic peptides" - their research always reads like a an advertisement fairy-tale. Many real user reviews actually do not get the purported effects so these peptides have a high probability to be a waste of time and money.

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