New Member looking for TRT doc in Albuquerque

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Actually, I made an appointment at MD for men in town....I saw a flyer online that says they charge $150 per month, which doesn't sound too bad but I worry there will be other costs. Thanks to these forums, I did see some online options like Defy that look pretty good for the price.

Still, if anyone has any info on good trt docs in Albuquerque or Rio Rancho, drop me a line. I am going to call my PCP and ask him to request a testosterone test as a first step that I can take to my appointment next month. If all goes well, and I am approved, I will post my experience for other ABQ folks.

If the local doc doesn't work out, I'll check out defy or live like a viking alternative medicine online.

Love the forums, great info, read up and learned a ton of stuff this week.