Need advice on my bloods


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hi everyone
5 years ago I notice a decline in libido so went to my doctors for testosterone test, they come back saying Normal I took there word for it didn’t see then my self. just got on with it changed life style which to be fair wasn’t bad don’t drink or smoke exercises 5-6 times week back then dropped about 10 lb to 12 stone bmi 25, back in may this year I got test done only finger prick one they come back as low so ordered new bloods for doctor explained again now my performance is gym gone no energy moody low ect said they might prescribe me gel because my bloods came back “normal” NHS standards nothing. Just want some advice please on my sample shown also booked in with TRT See what they say gone down private route. Sorry for rambling on 7D745D39-1BE0-4426-AACB-B2C3233CC9DE.jpeg9C80B8BB-DC8A-4D1F-8BE2-4EDE0C9830B2.jpeg02F6A495-D149-42DA-AF65-B6F89D7F4507.jpeg

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