MUNCH UPDATE - to any young man considering TRT


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Hey guys,

Thanks for the concern! Have been doing more or less pretty good! Everyone on this forum was a tremendous help to me, so I feel it's my responsibility to return the favour.

Getting my body back required a tremendous amount of research, and an ungodly amount of time spent on PubMed/the Internet. I learned not just about endocrinology/hormone replacement, but about DNA, methylation, nutrition, circadian rhythm, you name it. Currently in a bachelor of health degree, and doing a podcast with a doctor on functional medicine sometime this month!

Since this forum is about testosterone, I'll keep this post pertaining to that!


Now, TO ANY YOUNG MAN WHO JUST DISCOVERED HIS TESTOSTERONE IS LOW, even though I did it, I would not recommend jumping on TRT right away. Unless you have a pre-existing health condition you know is causing it (and have functional LH/FSH), it is absolutely possible to bring your numbers up without it. You're better off to fix your body first before jumping into testosterone replacement.

Testosterone being low at a young age is likely a sign that something else needs to be fixed/optimized. It’s likely an effect, and not a cause. If you're in a rut with depression, brain fog, anxiety, and no libido, I'd say likely there are probably other factors at play and testosterone (while important) is not the main culprit.

The veterans on this forum are extremely knowledgeable and are probably more educated on the subject than 90% of family doctors, so it’s good to get their opinions first before making any decisions. You wouldn’t believe the amount of guys I’ve worked with that have been put on TRT protocols that make no sense (or shouldn’t have been put on TRT in the first place).

So you’re young, seemingly healthy, suffering, and you discover you have low testosterone.

I would first have to ask:

What are your stress levels like?
Do you work out?
Do you eat healthy?
Are you getting good sleeps?
Are you spending time with people you love and are you fulfilled with life?

If you answer no to any of those - fix that shit first BEFORE any pharmaceutical intervention.


Possible factors to include:

The full hormone panel and tests these guys recommend are crucial. HOWEVER, some other things not taken into account I feel should be mentioned.

  • Celiac disease screening/an analysis of how your digestive tract is functioning. Gut microbiome is so important for all facets of health and we’re just beginning to learn about it.
  • Vitamin D levels (proven to influence testosterone). Magnesium/calcium levels good to test too.
  • Toxic mould exposure (a very important/serious factor in all facets of heath that needs to be taken into account). Heavy metal/chemical exposure is also a possible factor.
  • 24 hour urinary cortisol paints a better picture, as you get the full day and not just "time of test". Salivary cortisol good as well.
  • Autoimmune screening
  • Homocysteine to indicate methylation status


  • Working night shifts, staying up late, and disturbing circadian rhythm also affects cortisol/hormonal levels. After all, you know that night time "crash" followed by that second burst of energy late at night? Your body is going "Okay it's night time, but we're not sleeping, I guess we're still rolling. Let's ramp up the cortisol to keep this guy going”.
  • If you’re constantly stressed, suffering from anxiety, or running your body to the ground, your body is in stress mode. It goes “Okay I guess we don’t need to make sex hormones right now. Let’s make cortisol instead”. This is why recovery, relaxation, and self-care are extremely important for hormonal levels.

This hormonal pathway should explain that.


  • If you’re a young man with a healthy circulatory system, no penile damage, and still suffering from ED/lack of libido, hormones are a very important factor… But so is dopamine. Lack of dopamine played much more of a factor than testosterone did for my mental health/sexual issues. Doctors are quick to prescribe SSRI’s for depression/anxiety, but truth be told, I believe dopamine plays an equal if not greater part in a vast number of people over serotonin. Google “low dopamine” symptoms, and if you go “holy shit, that’s me”, then this is something you need to work on. That would be a whole different post.



  • Supplement with zinc and vitamin D
  • Increase dietary cholesterol/eat plenty of healthy fats. Eat foods rich in L-tyrosine.
  • Keep insulin levels stable and avoid processed sugar. Sugar is the testosterone killer, and sends you through a hormonal rollercoaster
  • Masturbate from memory and not to pornography, or use porn sparingly. This will re-sensitize dopamine receptors.
  • In the beginning, my hair started thinning and I would constantly have hair falling out in the shower. My hairdresser friend got me Nioxin Level 2, and it stopped immediately. Hair is totally fine. I swear by the stuff!
  • Fix your lifestyle. Testosterone is but one factor in this gigantic puzzle. It’s up to you to make the changes to make yourself the best person you can be, mentally and physically.
  • Would recommend HCG along with TRT if you decide to go this route to prevent testicle shrinkage. The general consensus is that most people like it!

Any questions, feel free to ask! Everyone on this forum knows a lot more than I do, but I am probably one of the more educated younger guys here!



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no questions just wanted to say good info and nice write up!

Also some more natural supplements that can be used to help out:

Avena Sative, copper tartrate, magnesium aspartate, zinc aspartate, and vitamin-B-6. There are products that contains Muira puama (potency wood) zinc, magnesium, and Vitamin B-6 in highly biologically active forms that have clinical studies supporting elevation of free testosterone by about 30%.

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