Morning wood on exogenous TRT

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Guys having to pee has nothing to do with it nor does it have anything to do with sacral nerves. Lol. the lumbar plexus comes out of the IVFs in the spine. And cialis surely helps dilate blood vessels. But any type of erection has to do with testosterone.

so the question still hasn’t been answered which I have recently been think about also.
Yes is does and that’s why it’s called a “piss hard on”
Go back and review anatomy and physiology before you post


Like so many other comment, in my case, I can have morning wood with a empty bladder. I can also have morning wood when I have to pee.


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Saw this and had to chime in. I occasionally take melatonin as I tend to have an issue falling asleep initially. When I take melatonin and get that deeper sleep, my elections are clearly much more firm and last longer as I wake up. Very noticeable. If I don’t receive adequate sleep, I have a much weaker erection as I wake up to possibly soft. It’s like night and day.
It’s not just about peak testosterone.
I've experimented with melatonin over the years. Never helped my sleep but I do recall getting strong nocturnal erections. I've read on other forums of some men reporting the same thing. As my sleep deteriorated from bipolar illness, my nocturnal and morning erections disappeared.
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