Men who drink a beer a day have more diverse gut bacteria, study finds

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Drinking a beer a day could improve the diversity of men's gut bacteria, even if it's non-alcoholic, according to a small study.

To understand the effect of alcoholic and non alcoholic beer on the diversity of gut bacteria, researchers from Nova University Lisbon, Portugal, asked 19 healthy adult men to drink 11 oz (325 ml) of alcoholic or non-alcoholic lager with dinner every day for four weeks. The alcoholic beers contained 5.2% Alcohol by Volume, which is considered strong.

The men in the study were 35 years old on
average. They drank the same amout of alcohol on average before the start of the study, and were considered to be moderate alcohol drinkers.

The study authors chose alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers that were as similar as possible, the main difference being the alcohol content. The men didn't know which type of beer they were drinking and were told not to change their dietary or exercise habits during the trial.

Men who drink a beer a day have more diverse gut bacteria, study finds
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