Low testosterone / low'ish estrogen


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If you are don't mind me asking, how long have you been on TRT? How were you before trt and now on it? Physically and psychologically.
I'm coming up on five years of TRT. It was the trashing of my sex life that drove me to it, and only as other symptoms abated did I realize how bad things had been. These included dysphoria, mild depression, bad insomnia, hydration problems and borderline osteopenia—with three different rib fractures over three years. TRT didn't solve everything, but it set me on a path to learn more and to be more aggressive in addressing other issues. So overall, the mental and physical effects have been life-changing in a positive way.


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For me it's none of that, except depression. And maybe sex life in that I'm just not interested, so more mental than physical in that aspect.
Other things is just uninterest in anything. All I want to do is nothing and I am perfectly content with that. Then there is very low tolerance to stress. Irritability. And lastly body composition.


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These numbers are really low, but some tests are missing. SHBG is another important one and should dictate a plan of action when it's time to start TRT. If you were to start TRT with an infrequent dosing schedule, estrogen would likely become a problem because of your high body fat percentage.

The Roche ECLIA methodology estrogen testing is not sensitive enough and picks up on other steroids and falsely elevates estrogen, the sensitive method (LC/MS/MS) doesn't have these limitations.

Your estrogen is on the low side, I had low estrogen when I was diagnosed with low testosterone, but that soon changed when I went on an inappropriate protocol and now estrogen was at 70, double the reference ranges and my high body fat had a lot to do with it.

I want to add that if SHBG is really low, an estrogen of 15 may not be as bad as it looks on paper because having low SHBG usually means a high free estrogen which allows you to get away with a lower estrogen value.
What about CMIA method? Is that high sensitivity test?

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