Lost Empire Herbs

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I've been watching this guy on Youtube and he seems to have some novel ideas, especially about thyroid and testosterone regulation with pine pollen and tongkat ali.

Who has experience with them? Is the extra cost worth it?
I liked their herbs when I took them, and I tried many. It was a better well being and feeling like you could accomplish. I would honestly prefer to buy a select group of herbs from LEH as I feel they do have high quality stuff that works better than off the counter. I never noticed much with their pine pollen so maybe its just me.

I decided to slow down spending as they are expensive, and I prefer Raw Forest Foods for shilajit and cistanche.
In addition to these questions, which are on point, I would be curious as to who the “guy on YouTube” is and what his background might be.
More than likely the founder of LEH as he markets hard. Seems knowledgeable for his age, and lives the herb/nature/strength lifestyle. I'm close to his age, and after taking herbs daily, I felt awesome as he portrays in his videos. I would have recommend his herbs to anyone, but I also say his are more expensive for the quality and fast shipping(had to wait a week for Sunpotion herbs to mail).

I do buy certain herbs from other places due to the cost.