Looking for a dr in the Dallas fort-worth area.

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Hello all,

i am looking for a dr to get my blood work done, who is knowledgeable about hormones, not just a regular physical.
Start with Defy Medical and Prime Body. They are site sponsors, but I am not a patient (I'm a Canadian) and have no vested interest in their success. Many of our members here are patients of one or the other of these national practices (who do not participate in any insurance network). Defy is a tele-health practice and can treat you no matter where you live in the US. The medical director, Dr. Justin Saya is one of the leading doctors in the field of men's health. He is a member here, a moderator (put "Saya" in the search box to read some of his contributions). Call them - they may not be as expensive as you fear and they will answer all the hard questions about cost and treatment delivery. No pressure.

Prime Body operates on a different model, and I'd be astonished if they didn't have a local physician in the Dallas area. Call them, ask them the same hard questions. They won't duck any of them. Again, they may not be as expensive as you fear. You should contact both to get some sense of the cost you would be absorbing.

In yoiur local area, Dr. David Fein has received positive comments here. I expect other members will respond.