Lab error possible?? Hematocrit very high

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Very concerned. My hematocrit went from 51 to 57 in 4 months. My doctor thinks it's a lab error and has redrawn a CBC. He says an increase in 4 months that drastic just doesn't happen so quickly in his experience. I should know pretty quickly whether or not I need to visit the Red Cross to donate. My dose has been a consistent 100 mg IM cypionate weekly for the last year. I have stopped therapy. Anyone have similar experiences with hematocrit results or laboratory error out there?? Thank you.
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I would wait to see the second lab before stopping TRT. Also, most guys avoid this issue by donating at the Red Cross. If you are still high on the second test, go donate ASAP.


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I donated last year for the first time. I tend to gross out easily at the lab and usually lie down for more than a tube or two, and I also had a hard time when I donated, so it won't be fun. I have absolutely no trouble giving myself an injection though. Go figure.

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I had a 5 point higher hematocrit reading once. I retested it and it was normal. Errors can happen. Also, dehydration can dramatically increase hematocrit blood test values.


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Retest HCT was 51.3. I'm cleared to resume my trt. The doctor mentioned possible dehydration as well. I'm good to go in any case. Thanks for the responses.


Yes, many if not most of us donate regularly. It is the easiest way to stay in range and it helps people at the same time. Starting and stopping TRT is only going to make you feel like sh*t and should be avoided.
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