I quit caffeine cold turkey. So far so good.

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At some point I recognised that caffeine was no longer doing anything subjectively rewarding, but somehow didn't consider removing it completely. Maybe I was seduced by all the touted health benefits.

I've always know instinctively that something related to my adrenal function was being hammered by caffeine, but never related this fact to the idea of adrenal fatigue, because this is a fake disease, and this proven. Right? Or not? I really don't know.

I recently learned about it's role as a vasoconstrictor, and read reports that it can lower brain blood volume by 27%. Working on the assumption I have some kind of hypothyroidism, and looking at the relationship between thyroid function and the adrenals, I thought it was worth giving it a shot.

Day 1 was pretty much zombie mode brain and body. Day 2 the same with headaches. Day 3 I had the strange feeling that brain was functioning well while body was tired. Days 4 and 5 (today), I have just spent 4 hours hard at work in the garden. I spent the weekend paddle boarding, skating and swimming at the beach with the kids, and the whole time the body was tired, but it did not matter because the brain was fine, so I carried on and on.

Was physical tiredness in my head all along? I can buy the idea that fight or flight mode induced by caffeine makes you think quicker not smarter. Also the lower blood volume in the brain. I had to do first, fourth and seventh characters from my password for the online banking today, and after years of finger counting for each character, my brain went click and spat out the 3 characters with zero hesitation.

Given all the stuff I've learned in a short time (all on excelmale) about increasing bloodflow, I am interested to know if anyone else has questioned caffeine.


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Questioned caffeine , not really, the world lives on caffeine. Probably the most used drug ever, and problems will have shown up.

My mother is 92 and drinks coffee all day long right up to bed time.

My wife rarely drinks any type of caffeinated beverage, she gets a little hyper even from green tea.

I drink a lot of caffeine, but try to limit it after 2:00 PM least it affects my sleep.

I have ADD, so that is likely why I like stimulants and am not adversely affected by them. If I got a prescription for ritalin maybe I would give up caffeine.

Do aerobic exercise, that should increase blood flow also.


The only thing I consumed with caffeine in it, is black coffee. I like a cup in the morning and since I work out in the morning, I also drink it while I'm exercising. I'll take a cup with me and drink it while I'm driving to work, then I'm done for the day.