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  1. DixieWrecked

    Quitting Coffee/Caffeine

    I'm on day three of no coffee and minimal caffeine. Man am I tired and my head hurts. Withdrawal symptoms are pretty bad. I was probably consuming about 500mg of caffiene a day. Was hoping to hear other's stories to find out how their experience quitting coffee was and if it was worth it.
  2. BigTex

    Great Article on Caffeine and When to use
  3. E

    Caffeine Induced Emotion Blunting- Pregnenolone Crash

    Hello, Used to post on PeakT's forum years ago like back in 2015-2017. Since then I have pretty much been well and dialied in on a TRT protocol (I do 0.3 mL 2x a week). I don't take an AI, and things like high E2 or low SHBG (this declined from 25 over the years) have not really affected me. At...
  4. FunkOdyssey

    The association between caffeine intake and testosterone: NHANES 2013–2014

    The association between caffeine intake and testosterone: NHANES 2013–2014 Frank E. Glover, William Michael Caudle, Francesco Del Giudice, Federico Belladelli, Evan Mulloy, Eniola Lawal & Michael L. Eisenberg Nutrition Journal volume 21, Article number: 33 (2022) Abstract Background Caffeine...
  5. DragonBits

    New thoughts on sleep

    I don't think this has ever been discussed, but it might be important for those of us that often wake up from sleep. Oral contraceptive contain estrogen and progestin, (progestin is an analog of progesterone) which have been shown to increase the elimination half life of caffeine from 5-6 hours...
  6. D

    Caffeine and TRT

    I have been trying to dial in my right protocol, but so far not very good results from energy/libido standpoint. When I drink something with caffeine, Instead of getting more energy/alertness, I feel worse like less than 5min after I took it. Has someone experienced that? does someone know what...
  7. D

    Using low dose T3 as replacement for caffeine

    Hi guys. I have fatigue issues in the morning and wanted to know if I could use low dose T3 (5mcg) to replace/reduce the use of caffeine whenever I feel high fatigue. It bothers me to rely so much on caffeine and if I could use T3 to at least reduce caffeine use it would be great. Are there any...
  8. D

    I quit caffeine cold turkey. So far so good.

    At some point I recognised that caffeine was no longer doing anything subjectively rewarding, but somehow didn't consider removing it completely. Maybe I was seduced by all the touted health benefits. I've always know instinctively that something related to my adrenal function was being...
  9. E

    Elevated Resting Heart Rate - What to do?

    Any advice on a prolonged elevated resting heart rate? When I say prolonged, I'm referring to, it's been elevated for years (at least 4+). My resting heart rate when checked is in the 90s and often above 100. I don't have any issues that I notice from an elevated heart rate. I do know from...
  10. C

    Caffeine For Hair Loss - A New Study

    At the present time there are only two approved methods for treating androgenetic alopecia: finasteride (indicated for men only) and minoxidil (indicated for both men and women). A recent study examined the possibility that a caffeine-based 0.2% topical liquid might work as well as minoxidil 5%...
  11. Nelson Vergel

    Collection Of 250+ Studies: Supplements, Vitamins, Bioavailability, Micronutrients

    1 Arginine (6 articles) 2 Beta-alanine (10 articles) 3 Coenzyme Q10 (5 articles) 4 Caffeine (24 articles) 4.1 Performance and sports 4.2 Long-term effects, tolerance and withdrawal 4.3 Cognitive function 4.4 Sleep 4.5 Energy expenditure 5 Creatine (31 articles) 5.1 Testosterone and DHT 5.2...
  12. Nelson Vergel

    The Best Nootropics: 15 High-Yield Nootropics for 2016

    0.1 What Are the Best Nootropics? 0.2 The Best Nootropics According To Reddit 0.3 Best Nootropics List Nuvigil (armodafinil) Nicotine Coffee (Caffeine) L-theanine Magnesium (counterion irrelevant) CDP-Choline Rhodiola rosea Cacao...
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