I Need Help to Interpert Thyroid Results, Doctor won't Help

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Hello everyone.

I've been on TRT for about 2 years (100mg twice a week, 0.25 arimidex at the time of injections). 4 months ago my labs showed:
TSH: 2.12 (0.15-4.5)
T3: 1.1 (0,8-2)
T4: 7 (4.5-12)
FT4: 15 (11.5-23)
FT3: 3.3 (2.5-5.8)
Bloods were taken in the morning

After that my endo put me on 25mcg of T3 daily. My last labs (bloods taken last week) showed:
TSH: 2.83 (0.15-4.5)
FT3: 4.5 (2.5-5.8)
FT4: 13.6 (11.5-23)

I asked my doc why even though my FT3 went up, my FT4 went down and so did my TSH and he said that I need a larger dose and increased my T3 dose to 50mcg daily. I did my reasearch and a lot of peole suggested that I need some T4 dose combined with my T3 dose to keep the balance between them.

Does anybody have any suggestion on what's going on? I'm ging to see another endo next week but I see that there are a lot of knowledgeable people around here. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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RT3 tells us weather your cells/organs/tissue are actually getting thyroid. Your labs show what in your blood stream but this doesn't actually tell us that its working the way its supposed to. Along with RT3, iron labs and ferritin and sometimes even adrenal salivary testing is necessary to determine why RT3 can be too high.
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