How to Increase Good Cholesterol (HDL)

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Nelson Vergel

Higher doses of testosterone can cause decreases in good cholesterol (high density lipoprotein- HDL). There are several ways that HDL can be increased. Lee Myers, the founder of, has written a very good summary on the subject.

How to Increased HDL
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nice post Nelson. I love hazelnuts, but man I got to be careful how much I eat! al the stuff he listed are really delicious and should be part of our daily diet. although costly to eat all clean, its better to pay upfront than later paying your medical bills!
thanks Nelson! i take a low dose of testo and it effects my HDL but helps so many other areas of my life.. will try out these ideas. for someone like myself that can't do intesne cardio workouts yet, Curcumin and laughter may be more effective- . i have tried just about everything else they list.
am trying Bergamot now, and my endo suggested Niacin.. althought last year i took the recommend dose of Opti energy and it has 300mg of niacin, but it didnt boost my HDL. the only way i have gotten HDL up in the past it stopping the testo : ( or taking a compounded gel. are there really studies that show low HDL causes heart disease? and if someone has low HDL what tests can be done to know if you are at risk besides the blood work?


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1) Phytosteroles,plant based estrogenic compounds that imporve atheromatic index
2) Niacin (B3 vitamine)
3) Prolonged low pace cardio physical activity
4) Pomegranate juice
5) Red wine
6) Resveratrol
8) Vegetables
9) Antioxidants
10) Quit smoking


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I like to use niacin daily. Endur-Acin I take 1500mg, I does cause flushing and some can't tolterate it.
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