How The Thyroid Affects 11 Different Systems of the Body

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Nelson Vergel

[h=4]The Thyroid Directly Influences 11 Different Systems in the Body[/b]That’s right, 11. In this 2 part blog post we will introduce each one of them briefly and also discuss how these connections affect Hashimoto’s patients. I will also be exploring all of these in more depth in future posts. Please let me know what interests you.
1. Bones and bone growth
2. Blood sugar metabolism
3. Brain
4. Cholesterol and other fats in the blood
5. Gallbladder
6. Cardiovascular system
7. Intestines
8. Liver
9. Maintaining Proper Weight
10. Protein metabolism
11. Red blood cell metabolism

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New Member
Thanks for this!

It's very useful for me because I finally am having my mild hypothyroidism treated. I've been on TRT (test + HCG) since the end of last June and that is going well, but I've felt like it was only addressing 3/4 of my fatigue and other symptoms.
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