How often to injection prop/cyp blend?

Idk about him but I am using it. I have tried both cyp and prop alone before this. I feel fantastic on this blend. I inject every 3 days. I feel like I have stable levels, but a noticeable boost in libido/mood/aggression(in a good way, like in the gym). Much better than on the exact same amount of cyp, and I don't have to inject more frequently like I would with prop solo.

Edit: also I will say I am a little bit more acne prone on it. Nothing substantial though
Interesting. Please let us know when you get bloodwork on this blend and how it compares to your past bloodwork.
And do you need a new consult to get it prescribed (instead of cyp) or can you just order if from defy?
When Ive changed esters they require the medical staff to endorse it. When I simply ordered Enanthate the office staff killed it because it wasn't in my records. I just had to get my Nurse to give them the OK and it went thru. I did not have to pay for or have a "consult".