How does testosterone improve brain fog?

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The infamous brain fog is one of the low testosterone symptoms. In my instance TRT lifted it. I've never seen this question answered:

What IS testosterone doing metabolically in your body to handle/fix/cure the brain fog. What IS brain fog aside from the usual symptoms cited. Can it be medically nailed down as symptom 1, 2, 3? Can it be measured analytically?

I know taking testosterone works, but what the heck in my head (or where) did the testosterone specifically do to fix the "brain fog" symptom.
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I remember that brain fog. I could not concentrate very well and doing most basic chores was a big deal. Even calling people back was extremely tiresome. I felt like I was not fully awake and present for enjoying the good things in life. That feeling that you have when you're little hungover or had a long night.I was kind of going through the motions through the day not feeling very connected to anybody. Sometimes I thought I was just depressed.

Normalizing my blood levels of testosterone woke me up to life for sure. My focus increase dramatically and I started giving a damn about things around me. And he was great to feel sexually attracted again to other human beings. I even became friendlier in in my relationships with people in my life. It is so unfortunate that some men don't have this benefit and instead they feel anxious.

I'm reading a few references right now on the effect of testosterone cognitive function and brain activation. I have read studies that showed that testosterone replacement in men with low testosterone can improve sleep quality. So I think this is probably one factor in clearing that brain fog that you mentioned.

Men with zero testosterone after prostate cancer treatment has been noted to have decline in cognitive function and focus.

Four studies looking at men with mild cognitive impairment or early signs unsigned Alzheimer's have found that testosterone replacement improved visual spatial scores, spatial memory, and constructional ability. They also found that men treated with testosterone have better verbal fluency and executive function. All of those are main variables of cognitive function in men.

In the brain, testosterone can be metabolized to dihydrotestosterone, or it can be converted to estradiol by the enzyme aromatase. Both aromatase and androgen receptors are found in key regions in the brain involved in memory and learning including they had a compass and the and McDowell. Testosterone has been shown to increase concentrations of nerve growth factor in the hippocampus and up regulate nerve growth factor receptors in the forebrain.

some researchers speculate that testosterone may protect the brain against the development of Alzheimer's by inhibiting the buildup of two enzymes, tau and b-amyloid.

MRI studies also show that testosterone replacement may improve the way the brain uses glucose. Testosterone may also influence the effects and amounts of dopamine and serotonin, two neurotransmitters that are important in mood and cognitive function.

More detailed information can be found in this great review paper: Testosterone and cognitive function: current clinical evidence of a relationship
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