High E2 may not be bad afterall

In the study the average estradiol of this cohort is almost exactly 20 pg/mL. Also:

Of note, the magnitude of increase in T/S ratio [possible longevity marker] associated with a 1 SD higher plasma E2 concentration was comparable with having a BMI 3.6 kg/m2 lower, and two thirds that associated with being 3.6 years younger. Therefore, these findings in an epidemiological study illuminate an association of sex hormones with biological age in older men (see Figure). However, the predictive value of E2, SHBG and LTL in any individual older man is unproven and likely to be limited in view of the moderate associations and large inter-individual variations observed in these parameters.
Testing E2 was via mass spectrometry.
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For additional reference, more than 95% of this group are expected to have estradiol in the range of 4 to 36 pg/mL. And 99.7% are expected to have estradiol less than 44 pg/mL.