Hemp Seed Oil

one of my employees gave me 5 of these CBD gummies but I only tried one, only got interested in this area (CBD/Hemp/etc) whereas people saying it helps with sleep.
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Hi Vince,

I have Peripheral Neuropathy from Statin Use and need a walker to walk and am in a lot of pain when I get up.


I am also Hypopituitary my brain does not tell my body to make hormones.

I use Hempglory


I feel more balanced on T and E2 and have less pain and stress and sleep much better.

This is the 2nd. brand I have tried using the standard 30ML 300MG I take it 3x's/day one half a dropper full. Next one I get will be the Premium 30 ML 1200MG

I put the oil under my tongue for a min. then swallow it.