HCG and Trimix travel cooler


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If u just have a carry on will TSA care...do I need specific case to carry cypionate and syringes in...do they make a big deal or has anyone ever had anything confiscated...


I have used that exact travel cooler to carry Test, HCG and Tri-Mix and had no issues with the TSA.

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Me too. I also carry my pill box of 24 compartments full of pills. The TSA is not doing the job of the DEA.


I just came back from France and this travel cooler came in really handy. I used it to transport my HCG and didn't expect it to keep the medicine cool for more than 8 hours...but even after 12 hours my medicine was still cool. If you are really worried, it comes with two plastic freezable packs, so you can have the flight attendants put one in the plane's fridge/freezer to switch out and go longer.

If anyone is curious, I took my syringes for my HCG and Testosterone separately in my carry-on, placed in a Tupperware container with clasps. This was the first time I had traveled with any of that, and was super nervous about TSA. I even had Defy give me a letter (which was great). But it turns out no one even batted an eyelash...at the medicine or the syringes. I guess enough people travel with insulin that those of us being treated for our symptoms already have the road paved for us.

Thanks for the recommendation for this product.


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Do you inject Trimix and HCG straight out of the fridge, ordo you let it reach room temperature prior to injection?
I've never used trimix but I always inject HCG right of the refrigerator, there's no need and you don't want to warm up the HCG.