Gut health link to muscle growth?

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Saw this today and thought it was a good share. Interesting info presented.
Wondering what everyone is doing to maintain optimum microbiome. What foods are good and bad for this etc. What supplements might promote good intestinal flora?
My limited understanding is:

Fermented foods- Sauerkraut, Yogurt, Kefir, Kombucha

Supplements- Probiotics (good ones, none of the cheap stuff)

Apple cider Vinegar?

Bovine Colostrum

Dandelion Root tea

Anything else people are doing to promote intestinal health?

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Hi everyone,
Gut health has a link with muscle growth. A healthy gut helps our skeletal muscles to grow faster after doing exercise. A healthy gut microbe is helped the muscles to gain mass and growth.


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I've read and heard a number of studies/discussions on gut health and the biome. What seems to be the most prevalent finding is that a variety of fibrous items in the diet help to create a variety of microbes in the gut and function as prebiotics (food for the microbes). However none of them referenced muscle growth, just general wound recovery and physical health. Perlmutter talks about gut health and brain activity, Rich Roll has a few podcasts on the gut biome and fibre and there is a general surgeon from Seattle who did a talk on the gut biome and stool transfer. I will post when I find it.


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Interesting theory and I will look closer into this when I get back from the gym. What I did find out is most of this internet buzz got started from a single Nanyang Technological University study done with mice. Even the page presented by @Outcome they listed the following limitations:

Research Limitations

The results of this study remain positive and promising in translation to muscle growth in animal models and, hopefully, human models. However, some study limitations exist.

This study only performed research on this concept on female mice. This limitation leaves scientists uncertain if the effects of exercise on muscle growth will occur similarly in male mice.

Additionally, researchers continue to question if administering antibiotics to the test group of mice affects the capability of the skeletal muscle tissue to grow in response to exercise, rather than the gut microbiome.

However, this is not to say that a healthy gut microbiota is not optimal for th ehuman body.
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