Going Beyond Paleo - Free 28 Page PDF

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Going Beyond Paleo - Free 22 Page PDF

The 8 Rules and 8 Habits
for Successful Weight Loss

Attached please find our free 22 page PDF on nutrition. It's designed both for the beginner who may have experimented with other diets, and especially for people who are looking to take their existing diet to the next level.

The attached PDF boils down over 5000 hours client coaching to the 16 most important points to follow. The 16 points that if you don't get right, you won't be successful. In the end, you'll find 4 pages of FAQ's based on follow-up questions we couldn't squeeze into the 16 points.

Enjoy... and post your questions... I am happy to answer them.



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Nelson Vergel

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Keep them coming, Paul!

Guys, say thanks to Paul. He is an excellent exercise coach (also an engineer like me) and very generous with his info.


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There was a 2mb limit on the PDF. So I compressed the appendix from 10 pages to 4... it is the last 4 pages. Everything is in there... just a little squeezed to save on number of images. I will update the title of the post.
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