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Hello All!

Couple questions if I could please ask regarding 1mg-2mg combined daily dosage of GRHP & GHRH peps. With all the hassel and cost of peps, also debating in lieu HGH investment.

1) Does the 1mg-2mg/day include the dosage combination of the GHRP & GHRH together? i.e; 500mcg GHRP with 500mcg Sermorelin/CJC per day split up?
2) With all involved including costs with the peps to stimulate HgH, wouldn't it be more beneficial to invest into a HGH like Iron-Lion Puretropin 5iu a day? Ive heard good feedback on Iron-Lion...its hard to trust where to order. Thoughts?

I'm in my early 40s and body well conditioned, fighting the forties fight!:). My last blood work my IGF result was in the low 30's

Many thanks All for any feedback on BOTH of the above!
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