Fortesta w/ injections?

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I was hoping to get some opinions on Fortesta vs injections. Insurance covers Fortesta 10mg of T per pump doing about 6 pumps a day along with labs; however I've heard of the injections being more advantageous overall. Unfortunately that would require going to the Drs office 1-2x a week for injections in the clinic..and being treated with military doctors that's no real chance of being able to conveniently inject at home..Would it be advantageous to go to a TRT clinic out of pocket and switch to injections? Anyone have experience switching over or doing both concurrently? Thanks for the input.
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If Fortesta is getting your T level where it needs to be there wouldn't be an advantage. I never have used injection. Dr Crisler always said transdermal was best if it works for you. If I didn't have insurance coverage I would switch to injection because of cost.
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