Foods that work for the endocrine system

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Dear All,

Anyone know of good foods/foods to avoid that balance the endocrine system, lower estradiol, raise testosterone, lower estrogen, lower cortisol, etc. etc ? Thanks !

Nelson Vergel


Avoid soy (it may increase estrogens)

The effects of soy and whey protein supplementation on acute hormonal responses

No food is known to raise testosterone on its own.

These are very small studies to draw conclusions, but here are a few potentially good options.

The best testosterone-boosting foods

Cortisol-Lowering Foods

Good sleep habits, keeping stress down, keeping healthy body weight, exercise, and other options can balance the endocrine system.

How to Increase Testosterone Naturally

I highly recommend reading these suggestions from

The Science of Healthy Eating
Vegetarian or vegan fruit based diet is the best. Cut out all the dairy products, they are full of hormones. High quantities of meat are not good for you. No meat unless you know its free range and most people dont like the game taste of free range meat. Beef cattle are really not all the natural anymore. You can also try Raw till 4 80/10/10 (80%carbs/10%Protein/10%fat). That is a vegan diet fruit based and no cooked food till after 4. So steamed potatoes or rice for dinner, but not loaded with all the butter and fat people put on them. Give it 30 days and see how good you will feel. If you going to eat meat what this video. it might just change your mind. If people had to kill for their meat there would be a lot of vegans out there. :)