First TRT bloodwork back... concerning BUN/creatinine ratio??

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Hi all,
43 y.o. male here. Just took my 7th injection of test cyp last Friday. (I take 160 mg a week) plus the doctor has me on dessicated thyroid and DHEA to boost a "sluggish thyroid" as he called it. I just got back my first bloodwork and I was very surprised by some of the numbers. My testosterone had rocketed from 686 to 923 (too high?) and my BUN/creatinine ratio dropped from 12 to 5. My creatinine jumped up from 1.13 to 1.31.
When I asked my doctor about this, he was unconcerned and said that a low BUN "usually means you drank too much water before the blood test or you don't eat enough protein. Either way it's not concerning." Does that sound right? I took the test around 10 a.m. and so I did drink water that morning since I couldn't eat.
Thoughts? Thanks!!
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My creatinine jumped up from 1.13 to 1.31.
An increase in muscle mass can result in an increase in creatinine levels.

My testosterone had rocketed from 686 to 923 (too high?)
Men in the highest quartile of testosterone (550 ng/dL>) have a lower risks of cardiovascular events.

We don't even know where your Free T sits, so difficult to judge.

So you don't waste your time, please don't use the inaccurate direct Free T measurement, but instead use the Equilibrium Dialysis or Ultrafiltration method or you can just calculate the Total T and SHBG using the Tru-T calculator.

I took the test around 10 a.m.

Time of day doesn't really matter, because you're not natural anymore.
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Your doctor is right: drinking water before testing does dilute/decrease BUN.

The creatinine could be increased by supplementing with creatine for working out, or eating more meat/protein shakes.

I am not sure if TRT by itself will increase creatinine, and how much "muscle mass increase" you had for such a short time to cause such a magnitude of increase.

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My creatinine jumped up from 1.13 to 1.31.
Creatinine is highly inaccurate. BUN/creatinine is also inaccurate since it depends on an inaccurate number.

Get this test instead:

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