Finally have a doctors appointment


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After 5 years of trying to get GPs to help me with low test. I have finally got an appointment scheduled with a private clinic in another city. No doubt he will send me for more tests. But I recently had the following done (privately funded)

Can I get some feedback interpreting these results, please?

Test: 10.7nmol or 308.6ng/dl
Free T: 7.19 ng/dL or 71.9 pg/mL
FSH: 3.0 U/L (Range 2-12)
LH: 5.0 U/L (Range 2-9)
SHGB: 24.5 (Range 13.3 - 89.5)
Prolactin: 122 mU/L (Range 45-375)
Cortisol: 398 nmol/L (Range 170-500)
Oestradiol: 62 pmol/L (Range <200)

Thank you. Main symptoms are poor sleep, low libido, poor erections and difficulty changing body composition.