Experiences with Ipamorelin or semorelin on trt?


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Good morning,

I’ve been looking into ipamorelin and semorelin as an hgh booster to help me lose unwanted pounds I cant seem to get rid of lately and also help my joints, energy and workout recovery. I’m currently on
65 mg of test cyp a week and all of my numbers are great test is high 700’s and free around 20.My rbc, hemoglobin and hematocrit are all perfect as is my A1C, thyroid and everything else. I wanted to ask about any personal experiences other members have had with these particular peptides in conjunction with test.

thank you in advance


I’ve used ipa/ CJC for a few years now, but don’t notice any subjective benefits. I continue to use them just in hopes that they’re benefiting me in the background somehow. The combo hasn’t boosted my IGF-1 on labs at all either


They work great - for the clinics that sell them. $$$

It is annoying how they vastly overpromise products like this.

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