EOD cream protocols?

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Hello all,
Been reading and learning from this forum for a month or two now, and thanks to those that offer tremendously helpful content! I have two related questions that I can’t seem to find in the FAQs -

1. The absorbtion of cream on the scrotum is reported to be up to 8x than other areas. When you apply this to what’s normally reported as 10-15% absorption for transdermal creams on other areas, do you directly multiply the absorbed dose? IE - 100mg of cream means 10mg would be absorbed on the arm or other area, but 80mg of the 100 is absorbed on the scrotum?

2. And related, if the above is true, could you apply an EOD or every couple day application of cream to keep your weekly totals in line with TRT dosages and not steroid cycle amounts (80mg absorbed, times 3 days a week is 240 a week; 80mg absorbed every day is 500+!)

Part of my interest behind this is what I deemed to be my hyper responsiveness to cream, and what I read similarly in others’ reviews.

Thanks and let me know if this is more easily found elsewhere on the forum.
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Up to 8x! Not 8x everyone. Some are 2x some are 5x some maybe 9x. It's like penis size, it varries.

And no you can't do EOD because the half life is short.

Some people including me feel much better witn 2x a day application even
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