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Apologies if this is not allowed, but I am from UK and my specialist is happy for me me start Enclomiphene - But we don't know where to find it. Some people in this forum mentioned a pharmacy or 2, but when I type them into Google I cant find it; will someone be able to send me a direct link please? I assume most places will ship to UK.

Clomid Is causing me a lot of sides so I want to try this.


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Thanks, I've emailed them. If they say no what are my options, is there any other websites I can order it from from?


Tailor Made seems to have it at this point. Empower does not seem to have it at this point.


I'm interested in how it goes if you're willing to share.

Now that you mention Indian brands I see there are quite a few. For example:
If they are legitimate it would be useful if AllDayChemist started carrying some.
Yes, no problem. This is the shop and item -
I'd read about it before but hadn't ordered because there was some debate as to whether or not it was actually just regular clomid. I found this from the shop above, on reddit, explaining what is meant by the description on the box -
I had trouble using a new bank app to make a transfer to the shop (it's based in the USA, i'm in the UK). But i'm going to have another go today some time.

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