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I couldn’t find what I was looking for in the general search, so here’s my question. What seems to be the average cost of the commonly prescribed meds with Empower pharm?


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Thanks. Is that the Defy rate through Empower or is that the actual cost?
Idk. Good question. You can get commonly prescribed meds for 1/3 the price of most compounding pharmacies. I think Dr Crisler used Empower and his drug prices were cheaper than Defy.
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Empower is known and says as much on its site that they won't discuss prices with out you sending in your script. You can choose then to fill it, or not.
My experience with pricing in the link below. The takeaway is that in the free-market healthcare space, it is common for meds to be ordered through your doctor, and they apply a markup to the costs given to them by their pharmacy partner. The sale of meds is a revenue source for your doctor.

Cost of Care: Crisler to Defy