Does HCG suppress LH and FSH

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Just wondering if HCG therapy will suppress what little LH and FSH levels a TRT patient may have. I've been on TRT for the past 12 years due to bilateral testicular cancer. I really do not need hcg for testicular functions but properly need it for receptor saturation. Have tried before and didn't feel any subject benefits but was doing a small dose of 125iu per day. I stopped so I could dial in my test and adex. I feel good now but after a heavy workout I feel drained and slight brain fog. It use to be worse but I've adjusted my t dose lower so it would not inhibit ACTH effects on the adrenals. My dose of T is pretty low and I do not want to lower it any more. I was hoping that HCG would help convert cholesterol to pregnenolone to support adrenal productions to ensure proper cortisol reaction to the stimulus. Let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks
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JIMO you are 100% correct in this statement: "I was hoping that HCG would help convert cholesterol to pregnenolone to support adrenal productions to ensure proper cortisol reaction to the stimulus".

LH (or HCG as its analog) is principally responsible for activating the P450 side chain cleavage enzyme which converts Cholesterol into Pregnenolone which not only supports adrenals but all 3 metabolic pathways.

When a man is HPTA suppressed for any reason they need to take HCG for just this reason.

Doc's miss this almost all the time and think HCG is only for Testicular function and nothing could be further from the truth.

Also, we have LH receptors throughout our bodies including the lining of our blood vessels and they are there for a reason.

One cannot think that shutting down a hormone like LH doesn't come with health does.

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Thanks guys, I will properly reincorporate HCG soon. It makes since that HCG will suppress LH release due to the increase Testosterone production effecting the negative feedback loop. I was just wondering if the negative feed back loop is broken such as in my case if the HCG will still suppress LH output. To delve deeper; Since I had a bilateral orchiectomy, the HCG will not induce a increase in Testosterone production which is usually the indicator for the Hypothalamus to down regulate Gonadotrophin hormone release to trigger pituitary LH. Wondering if HCG itself will trigger the down regulation of the above hormones causing lower amounts of both. Haven't been able to find a definitive study discussing this scenario. I know this is a rare situation. Just pondering the effects of HCG itself on Hypothalamus and pituitary with lack of increase testosterone with administration.

Gene Devine

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JIMO - Because you are using exogenous Testosterone your HPT Axis is already suppressed so in essence your negative feed back loop in in full gear.

HCG will have little to no effect on HPTA in your case...but you do need HCG for the reasons discussed.
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