Doctors in the DMV?


My doctor official send out an email stating retirement in 2 months and I’m wondering if anyone knows a progressive urologist or endocrinologist in the DMV that accepts insurance and would be likely to take over my protocol of 120mg a week?


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I know this is a long ago question, but if he wants an endo or urologist specifically, the two best options to take that over would be Dr. Michael West (endo) or Dr. Mark Richman (uro). West especially is known in the medical community in DC here to be pretty liberal with his treatments for not just testosterone but pretty much any endocrine disorder. That can be a good or a bad thing... his office though is a normal medical office, whereas Richman's office is a concierge urology practice that has a membership fee and all that stuff.

I have seen both of them though, and I actually left both practices and now see a guy in Sterling, Dr. Bruce Thomas who has more knowledge in TRT and the research etc. than either of those guys, but is board certified in PM&R (a Physiatrist as they are called), so not an endo or uro.

In general, the DMV area is known to be void of good providers.

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