DHEA maybe not that good after all

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Maybe the title wasn´t the best. Basically I´m trying to figure out what supplement would be a good choice for my wife to take. Pregnenonlone and/or DHEA or something els that could put her hormone levels a bit up.
I wounder if Pregnenonlone alone wouldn´t be the best choice since it converts to some extent into DHEA etc.. and DHEA as far as I understand isn´t a precursor to Prognenonlone. However after reading the above articles DHEA doesn´t seems to be the best choice to opt for. Unless youre on TRT.
I agree with Vince and there reason I may have been confused was that we know DHEA, in women, converts readily to Testosterone, whereas in males it has a propensity to convert to Estrogen.
Before trying female TRT I'd try DHEA but with expectations set low.
Its entirely plausible to conclude that yes Preg should downstream convert to DHEA/etc.., but if this process was working there shouldn't be a need to use Preg/Prog/DHEA or anything else. That's usually how I think about in men, anyway.
Thx for your input. It will be prog or DHEA and Choline with vitamin b5. Just need to figure out the right dosage ratio of Choline and B5.
I hope it works lol
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Ya the most important thing for women is the estrogen/ progesterone ratio. So she should check if she’s low in either, and then supplement with bioidentical forms of both, if needed.

I would also have her supplement with DHEA, at low doses, if her blood work shows that she’s also low in DHEA.

I definitely wouldn’t have her supplement with any of them without getting her blood work done first. Especially the progesterone and estrogen. Supplementing with progesterone in women, without supplementing estrogen, could turn out to be a disaster. Unless she’s high in estrogen, and low in progesterone, and then you can accidentally hit it right on the head. But it’s your wife, and you have to live with her, so your risk lol.

Here’s a great video that jay Campbell did with a leading doctor in female hormone therapy. I remember saving it because it was so amazing. I would definitely recommend it to any women that might be hormone deficient.


No progesterone at all only pregnonlone or DHEA and the above mentioned.
Sure labs will tell the right approach.

Nice. Ya obviously this isn’t ideal, due to not having labs and only replacing some of the hormones and leaving out other, possibly more important, hormones. But it’s definitely a start. Just having a wife that’s willing to optimize herself is huge. So you definitely got lucky in that regard. Probably nothing worse than optimizing yourself while your wife just continues to decline into old age I imagine.
I´ve trying to find out which of prognonlone or DHEA or bothe would be the best choice. And I found this answer on a website could it be correct?

"I found an interview with Dr. Thierry Hertoghe yesterday where he says that, after age 35, pregnenolone is not likely to be converted to other hormones, at least not in significant amounts, which makes it primarily a memory hormone after that age...he recommends ca 20 mg of DHEA daily for women and 35 mg daily for men."
I find that is to have a lot of truth in it according to what we see on the forum and have been very curious as to why...if's an enzyme dysfunction or what....

he says that, after age 35, pregnenolone is not likely to be converted to other hormones
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