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2mg/ day got my level to 1.6 (0.0-0.5). 1mg/ day got my level to 0.4. But the concentration of empowers injectable prog is too high, and it was such a small amount of liquid injecting 1mg/ day that I don’t think it was possibly to accurately dose. I had defy make pharma prog available through empower. It’s have the concentration, so should be easier to dose accurately. @Cataceous uses 0.6mg of injectable prog and I believe that brings his levels to around 0.5-0.6. So doesn’t take much to get healthy levels
Thank you Gman86. Is that ng/ml right? What is optimal level?


Thank you Gman86. Is that ng/ml right? What is optimal level?

Yup, ng/ml. The old reference range was (0.0-1.0 ng/ml) instead of up to 0.5. Just an fyi. Imo the optimal range is somewhere around 0.5-1.2, for most men. It might be higher for some. Progesterone is just a tricky hormone for men tho. Having it too high can cause issues, just like with any hormone. I think prog is a hormone that it’s better to err on the side of caution with, and ideally get urself to mid range (0.5ng/ml) see how u feel, titrate up very slowly and see if u feel better or worse, and repeat. And obv back down the dose if u titrate up and feel worse. Here’s a quick video about a guy talking about prog in men and ideal lab values he likes to see



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